FETTLE Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a growing design company, having clients from different sectors of the industry, which includes construction companies, EPC companies, builders, architects, contractors, various consultants, freelance designers, various common people, and above all Govt. departments too. We are doing projects for all these sectors within a short period of time.

FETTLE is a TBI CET incorporated company, which implies that we have the back-up and support of CET (College of Engineering Trivandrum) with respect to all resources. Considering structural designs, we ensure the required checks, corrections as well as the approval of designs from the best consultants available in our country. Civil Engineering Department of CET, which is linked with IIT Madras, ensures the solutions for any design requirements, safety and the best consultancy available than any others. This makes us one of the best consultants in the Industry.

Considering the 3D works, interiors and animation designs, we have the support of Architectural department, which gives us extra assurance of better ideas, views, plans and rendering solutions. We already have a good set of interior design executing team, which gives perfect work as per the 3D models provided. Most of them are traditionally from carpentry, stone work, and other design working backgrounds. Besides, we could utilise the best workshops and labs available for the projects in CET. Alongwith the CET support, we already have with us a good team of managers, engineers, designers, visualizers and all required team to give the best results for any work. All these makes us a strong player in the industry.